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Sept 4, 2014

Hi folks, Too busy!

On a serious note, we've been having artists post art for the comic books on their blogs, myspace, facebook, and the like,.

A preview panel or two with a simple.comment along the lines of "look what I'm working on." is fine. What we don't approve of is posting entire pages or the whole story rather than select panels. I usually try to obscure, angle, watermark or crop stuff and wait till the book is ready in stores that week.

We've had a penciller whose work was posted by an inker working on the story for a current issue.. The penciller was offended by comments about his work by other people and we had delays that put us in a crisis.. This wouldn't have happened if the inker had restrained himself from posting the art until after publication.

This is my long winded way of saying: We're having an open submissions "cattle-call" on pencillers, inkers and letterers. We actively need classic comic book artists and people who can draw attractive pin-up/ cheesecake "good girl art"-style in panel-to panel continuity for the book we already publish, but we are looking at other possible types for other publications. Direct us to online graphics for samples of your work,those who email samples will be tossed. Art must be black and white line art, We only need comics art in digital form, so you can keep and/or sell your physical artwork post-publication. Don't expect payment upfront,but we are working on getting back to actively paying freelancers. If you're interested, email us at FemforceHQ @ -------------------------------

May 10, 2014

Hi folks! Seems like Febru-ever since I've posted anything. Big News: Mark is now the EIC and publisher of AC Comics and yours truly is now Executive Editor @ AC! So THAT is the reason for ALL the radio silence these past few months! YAY! I can FINALLY let the cat out of the bag and post away! -------------------------------

February 15, 2014

Still looking for house... -------------------------------

January 20, 2014

January 13, 2014

New year again. Been incredo-busy. Not much fun, just work, sleeping and eating, plus more work that needs to get done. Worked on five different covers in less than a month, inked three covers last month, plus colored two covers last week, all shipping through Diamond. Worked on model sheets, writing scripts...busy!

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